Windom Classes

Pre Ballet


Ages 1.5-2.5

Ballet/Creative Movement/Tumbling

This is a parent present class. Parents are there to help and guide their child during class. Only one parent/helper will be allowed per student. Other family members need to wait in the hall.

Mini Dance


Ages 3-4


This class is child only and for students who are ready to dance independently. Parents are not present in Mini class. 

Petite Dance


Ages 5-6


Youth Dance


Ages 7-8


Junior Dance


Ages 9-10

Ballet/Tap/Jazz/Hip Hop/Tumbling

Senior Dance


Ages 11 & up

Ballet/Tap/Jazz/Hip Hop/Tumbling


Students learn ballet positions, technique and terminology while developing necessary ballet technique along with grace and musicality. Ballet includes barre exercises (for older students) along with across the floor and center floor technique. Ballet helps students gain strength, technique, posture and grace as a dancer.  


Students learn jazz leaps, turns, jumps and kicks combined with upbeat music and stylish choreography. Jazz uses control and motion of the body along with the freedom of style and expression. Jazz includes technique along with choreography combinations. Jazz helps students gain technique in their skills and confidence in their dance skills. 


Students learn tap steps while gaining timing, rhythm and coordination skills. Tap includes across the floor exercises as well as center floor combinations. 

Hip Hop

Students learn combinations of high energy, street style steps using trendy music. Floor work, flips and tricks are incorporated. Hip Hop dancers gain musicality and body control through isolations. 


Students develop a variety of tumbling skills and tricks commonly used in dance. Tumbling increases strength, flexibility, motor skills and body control.